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People Should Not Die
from Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer ranks first in domestic cancer incidence and second in mortality, and these numbers are continually increasing. Although colorectal cancer carries a huge disease burden worldwide, in fact, it is possible to avoid death with early detection and early medical intervention.

Despite this, the current situation is influenced by a 'resistance to precise colon examinations.' Traditional colon examinations, which require the intake of a large amount of laxatives, the insertion of an endoscope, and lengthy preparation and examination times, have been avoided by many potential patients.

We aspire to eradicate deaths caused by colorectal cancer by introducing a 'laxative-free virtual colonoscopy' as a high-precision examination that is easy to undergo. By doing so, we aim to return those who avoid regular screening to the examination table. Our driving force is the firm belief that 'people should not die from colorectal cancer."

Founder & CEOMasaki Okamoto

Boston Medical Sciences

Boston Medical Sciences