Research and

AI-Powered Laxative-Free
Virtual Colonoscopy System:

We are at the forefront of developing a state-of-the-art Virtual Colonoscopy System, utilizing advanced Virtual Bowel Cleansing AI and Polyp Detection AI. This groundbreaking system represents a global first in delivering high-precision, full colon examinations without the need for pre-procedure laxatives, paving the way for non-invasive clinical procedures. Further details about this innovative approach are forthcoming.

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Our Strengths

Strength 01

Outstanding Expertise
in Research
and Development

Boston Medical Sciences proudly boasts exceptional research and development capabilities in the fields of clinical medicine and medical data science. In addition to our internal expertise, we are enhancing our innovations through a collaborative research network with world-leading institutions, including the Harvard Medical School / Massachusetts General Hospital 3D Imaging Research. This collaboration allows us to refine our concepts and expedite the clinical implementation of truly valuable technologies.

Strength 02

A Diverse Team
of Highly Specialized

In addition to technical specialists such as researchers and engineers, our team welcomes professionals in business strategy formulation and implementation, experienced clinicians, and experts in regulatory affairs and clinical development. United by a shared commitment to eradicating colorectal cancer dealths, we bring together a diverse array of talents from multiple disciplines.

Strength 03

Extensive Collection
of Clinical Data
and Technology-Driven
Clinical Deployment

We have established close cooperative relationships with medical institutions both domestically and internationally, continually expanding our repository of clinical data for research and development. Additionally, within the country, we are partnering with pioneering clinics that are keen on adopting advanced technologies. By producing them, we are shaping the 'future of healthcare' from the ground up, through the integration of technology and care.